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Unplug: Pomodoro Timer-Focus on Break


Learn focus and break balance from floral art

Pomodoro Timer  X  Floral Artworks

Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Unplug: Pomodoro Timer-Focus on Break

Life is like creating floral art; we need to learn the art of leaving blanks. Unplug is an app that combines Pomodoro Timer and flower arrangement. Unplug helps you step away from a busy sedentary lifestyle, increase your productivity at work, and achieve stress relief as well as work-life balance. 

Unplug has a built-in Pomodoro Timer. At the end of each focus interval, you will be reminded to take a break and walk 150 steps within 30 minutes, after that you will get your floral design.

Customize focused time

Wait for the flower to bloom


Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Take a break! Let's walk

Choose a scene for flower


Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Complete cycles of focus and break

Get floral artworks


Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Complete cycles of focus and break to get floral artworks. The results of each effort will turn into an exquisite floral design, which can be found in Floral collection. Experience the art of leaving blank. Realize work-life balance.

Floral collection

Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Unplug creates an immersive exhibition experience through the 3D simulation space. Display virtual gallery. Share artworks and aesthetics of floral art with your friends.

Display virtual gallery 
Share artworks with friends

Unplug : Floral Pomodoro Timer

Download Unplug

Create your beautiful floral artworks and experience the art of leaving blanks in life.

What are the benefits of using Unplug

Increase work productivity

Practice work-life balance

Personal virtual gallery

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